t Pleasant Valley Family Dentistry in Mount Laurel, Sadiq specializes in aesthetic and cosmetic dental procedures, including veneers. He offers his patients the chance to see what their veneers will look like before actually applying them, by working with a world-class lab to create mock-ups.

“I use the same lab as some of the most well-known cosmetic dentists in New York,” Sadiq says. “It’s a very privatized, individualized process. It’s very tailored to the patient. We can give them a mock-up of what the veneers will look like before we even begin prepping the teeth.”

In addition to providing his patients with peace of mind, Sadiq says his process for creating veneers ensures a natural fit and a perfect finished product.

“The approach we go by is something called facial aesthetics,” Sadiq says. “We want to recreate nature. The whole purpose is your veneers are supposed to blend in. When you smile, it should be very natural, so no one says, ‘Oh, that person has veneers.’ They won’t even be able to pinpoint that the teeth are veneers. We pay a little more for the lab we use, but in the long run I think it’s worth it. I have no problem spending a little more of my overhead to ensure my patients are going to be extremely happy.”

Sadiq says he and his team at Pleasant Valley Family Dentistry go above and beyond to offer the highest quality care possible to each patient, whether they need a routine cleaning or require a more involved procedure.

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