Removable Prosthetics

Removable Prosthetics


emovable prosthetics, better known as dentures, can give patients the confidence to smile again! Some people worry that replacing a missing tooth or several missing teeth requires surgery which means pain and a long recovery time. However, dentures are a proven dental device that can be used to restore a patient’s smile without the need for any kind of invasive procedure.

Unlike other dental devices, removable dentures are not permanently affixed to the roof of the mouth, which means they can be taken out whenever necessary. Depending on a patient’s needs, complete or and/or partial dentures may be required.

Complete dentures replaces all of the teeth in a patient’s mouth. This means a band new smile! Partial dentures only replace a section of missing teeth and are created to match the size, shape and color of existing teeth.

Dentures are specifically designed for each patient. Proper measurements are taken to ensure that the device will fit painlessly and securely into the mouth. While dentures are designed to fit into the mouth without issue, patients can expect an adjustment period when first wearing dentures. As time passes patients will become more accustomed to wearing their dentures.

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