Extraction/Oral Surgery

Extraction/Oral Surgery


ental extraction/oral surgery is needed when the damage to a tooth, or several teeth, is beyond repair. Dental extraction through oral surgery may be needed if your tooth is extremely decayed or if the tooth is broken and cannot be repaired using other methods, such as a crown or a filling. If it is determined that your tooth cannot be repaired, it will need to be removed to ensure the health of the rest of your teeth remains optimal.

The two types of dental extraction include:

1. Simple extraction РThis type of extraction involves removing a tooth that can be visually seen in the mouth. This is the most common type of extraction and can be done by a dentist and does not require any type of incision. Usually the mouth will heal on its own after this procedure.

2. Surgical extraction – This type of extraction is needed when the tooth s impacted or when it has broken at or below the gum line. Surgical extraction may also be needed if the tooth is extremely decayed. Typically a dental surgeon performs this procedure.

Surgical extraction is complex and requires the surgeon to make an incision in your gum to ensure the tooth is completely removed. Stitches will be required to ensure proper healing.

Our professional dentists will determine if extraction or oral surgery is the best procedure for your specific case. Through the use of a close examination and an x-ray, we will ensure we are providing you the best dental services possible.

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