Dr. Benjamin Nero

Dr. Nero

Dr. Benjamin Nero is a graduate of University of Kentucky. He has over 41 years of experience and practices in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. Dr. Nero has provided many smiles to thousands of his patients. He is a legend in his own right and a true gentleman. He loves to play baseball and have been part of the Philadelphia baseball team.

Dr. Benjamin Nero, the orthodontist at Pleasant Valley Dentistry, has a scholarship
in his name at the University of Kentucky (UK College of Dentistry). Dr.
Nero’s dear friend, Morgan Freeman (known for his roles Driving Miss
Daisy, the Shawshank Redemption, Million Dollar Baby, Invictus, Seven, Kiss
the Girls and Unforgiven among many others) participated in promoting the
scholarship at this school in 2014.

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